Knowing all about you, your obligations, your family, your aspirations, your goals and your challenges are integral to creating a customized plan and strategy for your financial wellbeing. It also helps us to determine which experts are needed to be brought on board. I am not selling you something out of the box, I am creating a tailored solution for you so you have the answers to the questions that keep you up at night.

Our first meeting will be face to face in person or online. I might come off nosy, but please know that every question I ask especially the personal ones, the ones that may make you feel a little uncomfortable,  helps me understand you and your needs. This is not a check-the-boxes questionnaire, this is you and me having a conversation.

This first meeting is also an opportunity for you to decide if you like me or not. It is essential that we connect as people. Deciding to work with me should not just be about the string of impressive letters behind my name or my 20 plus years experience. Working together we are focused on the same goal, and that is to make sure that you are taken care of and that all your short term and long term goals are met.

After our first meeting, I will take everything we discussed – all your questions, concerns and personal information along with any statements, past plans, insurance policies, wills and tax returns and will analyze the numbers and create a summary report.

Then we meet again a second time. Together we will look at the summary report which will include an analysis with hard numbers reflecting your current situation and my service fees and we will see if you’re on the right track to meet your present and future expectations.

At this point, there’s no pressure. If you would like to work with me or if you need a little time to consider it, call or email me when you’re ready and my associate Jennifer will set up your accounts and walk you through the process. Take your time, this is a long-term relationship.

We will meet a third time to define your strategy and put it to work. We will access lawyers, accountants, complex financial planners, investment analysts and insurance consultants as needed for your successful plan. If additional family members or loved ones are affected by your financial plan and need to be included in future conversations, we will set up another meeting to address their questions and concerns.

From that point on, we will have scheduled meetings twice a year to review your portfolio and to discuss and address any changes in your life that affect your financial well being and to ensure that we are moving in the right direction.

Between reviews, we are always available to answer your questions, address your concerns and to provide you with support and solutions when unexpected life events occur.


Mr & Mrs C
Mr and Mrs. C aged 75 and 80, married for 50 years, lived in the same home in Ajax for 40 years. They had a lovely garden full of fruits and vegetables and Mr. C’s pride and joy were his grapevines. He made excellent home-made wine.

Martha had decided to go back to work as a part-time teacher later in life. She had come through some serious surgery and decided to go for it, life is short. Three years later, her husband was diagnosed with cancer and shortly after in 2000, Martha was widowed.

Five years ago, Beatrice was married with two teenage daughters, she held a high powered position making 6 figures in a public company. And she was miserable. Beatrice wanted out of her marriage and she wanted out of her job. But could she afford it?

Mrs D
Audrey had been a client of Vanessa’s for some time. Audrey wanted financial help for her mother Mrs. D as she was concerned that her mother wasn’t getting the same level of service that she was getting with Vanessa.