Five years ago, Beatrice was married with two teenage daughters, she held a high powered position making 6 figures in a public company. And she was miserable. Beatrice wanted out of her marriage and she wanted out of her job. But could she afford it?

She turned to her bank for answers but as helpful as they are, the employees at the bank level have limited resources and are not equipped to handle someone with Beatrice’s complex situation. If she needed a loan for a car or a mortgage they could help. But to stear her through this crises? That’s beyond their scope.


Beatrice found Vanessa at an event where Vanessa was the guest speaker and made an appointment. Vanessa got to work and created a financial plan for her, found her a lawyer and a mortgage specialist, and helped her work with her bank more efficiently.  5 months later, for the first time ever, Beatrice had a clear picture of her finances and she had the confidence to leave her marriage.


  • Beatrice and Vanessa continue to work together
  • She bought her own home
  • Put her two daughters through university
  • She went back to school to pursue the job of her dreams.
  • Most importantly, Beatrice is happy.